5 Things Your Husband Needs

  1. Tracy Venzen says:

    I am struggling to give these to my husband because I feel so overlooked and unloved by him.

  2. Sue Afutu says:

    Great advice, thanks for sharing Debra

  3. Faith Mitchell says:

    Let’s talk shop if this is how you are feeling then think he could be feeling this message from you so change it up I call it spice buy something to wear , cook a dinner for two and allow the love you have for him to shine all over so it can break the ice for you and all through dinner look into his eyes and tell him how you feel about him even if you have to name body parts and tell him what you want him to do talk using Love language of the heart. Because under the way you feel you still love him but could be placing a self feel on him you need to break free of . I to have no confidence in me because I feel this way a lot but it’s all in what you make it Love on you and show him who you are .

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