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You’re not the only one who struggles in her marriage. There were nights that I seriously contemplated smothering my husband with a pillow, while he slept soundly as if nothing was wrong. (Sound familiar?) 😏

Of course, I’m joking but let’s be real. It’s easy to become frustrated when your efforts to improve marriage feel one-sided.

But when I took my focus off of the things I couldn’t change–my husband, his attitudes, his inability to throw his clothes in the hamper (you get my drift)–God began working in me.

Letting God change us is integral to Him changing our marriage. When He changes our hearts, we can see things as they really are. This new perspective enables us to stop keeping score, and start loving our husbands UNCONDITIONALLY–just like Jesus.

This kinda love isn’t easy but, with Jesus’s help, you can learn to love this way too!


I'M debra cheek.

Hey, there!


– rasheeda

Believing Wives is to marriages what CPR is to a lifeless person; it resuscitates the marital covenant. I joined at a time when my marriage was in desperate need of revival. I've truly gone from a barely breathing wife to a believing one. 

– tomeeka

I appreciate this safe place to express my feelings. I know I will receive sound, biblical advice and positive encouragement. The prayers of the other ladies are also a source of strength from week to week. My marriage is better today because of all this ministry has offered me. Changed wives do change lives.

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We've seen wives leave the treat so refreshed - ready to re-enter their marriages with fresh perspective and renewed faith. It can happen to you too. Join us!

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