Changes in our marriage happen in proportion to changes in our hearts. Grab this devotional designed to help us yield our hearts to God, for a limited time for your 7.99!

Pray, Wife! Pray!


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This companion to "The Believing Wife" offers daily encouragement for you and your marriage. 

Believing Wife Daily Devotional

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It's time to live the UNDIVIDED life! Let's learn to live the whole lives - not pulled apart by obligations, opinions,  and responsibilities - that God has for us!


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Join us every Tuesday at 7pm EST for our free virtual Believing Wives Bible Study! 

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Infidelity is brutal. This 4-week course gives you practical strategies to move forward powerfully.

he cheated. now what?

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The first step in changing your marriage is changing your mind. This 6-week course gives you vital mind shfts that can have huge impact on your marriage. 

Change your mind change your marriage

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Sex and submission can make or break a marriage. We don't talk about it, but God has a lot to say. Grab this video teaching and workbook to get real strategies that can help you.

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