Heal As You Go!

When He saw them, He said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were [miraculously] healed and made clean.

-Luke 17:14 (AMP)

Sometimes pain can make us stuck. It becomes all we see and feel, and it is hard to move past it. Often we are counseled by wise and even well-meaning people to be still until we are healed. We are advised to stop doing things and “take all the time we need” to become whole. At times that is good advice, but the truth is wholeness is a moving target and the world doesn’t stop because we get hurt. Life doesn’t come to a stand still just because we do.

Sometimes, healing comes as we move forward - as we walk forward in faith. When we are hurt by our spouse we can be tempted to stop dead in our tracks and not move forward until they apologize, change, or make amends for their actions. We can stop growing, stop loving, and even stop being nice because of their actions or words, or we can move forward even though we still have issues.

That’s what happened in Luke 17. These lepers came to Jesus desiring to be healed of their infirmity. Jesus pronounces their healing, but they didn’t see it happen until they started to walk away. Jesus tells them to go present themselves to the priest even though there are no physical signs that anything has changed. The bible then says, “as they went they were healed”. There was a moment right after Jesus declared their healing and before they started walking that they still had leprosy. They still had the issue they came with. They could have been discouraged, angry, frustrated, or even disappointed, but they chose instead to move forward in faith even though they didn’t see the healing at the time.

Can I encourage you to move forward in what Jesus said to you even if you don’t see complete healing yet? Please, Sis, move forward in the way that God has told you to even if it feels like you are the only one moving. Move forward with love. Move forward with wisdom. Move forward even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. Just move forward.

I admit that I don’t know what moving forward looks like for you. Maybe it is showing kindness and love. Maybe it is just getting out of bed and trusting God to help you make it through the day. Maybe it’s asking God to help you care again. Whatever it is, do it.

Like the lepers, your healing may come as you walk out what God tells you to do. Take steps of faith in obedience to God because even when you feel that you can’t trust what you see or even trust your spouse, you can trust God.

I’m praying that you experiencing healing as you go this week. Go forward in the instructions God has given you. Your healing will meet you along the way!

Debra CheekComment