Seasons Change...Don't Quit in This One!

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.”

-Genesis 8:22

Yesterday, I posted a picture of John and me that was all smiles. I actually considered them not just smiles, but big, cheesy grins. As I looked at the picture with admiration it occurred to me that our marriage hasn’t always been characterized by those full-faced smiles. No matter how cute the picture or how perfect it makes us look, every day has not been sunny. There have been some tears. There has been some frustration and anger. There has even been some hurt and confusion.

Our marriage is made up of all of those things - the good and the bad. We have had the best of seasons and the worst of them, but somehow we have made it through with God’s help. If it was up to me years ago, I would never have chosen the hard seasons, but today I can honestly admit that it was in those seasons we discovered who were individually and as a couple. Those are the seasons in which we had a choice to grow or quit, and our decisions to grow have proven beneficial.

Think about it, you probably have a favorite season. Mine is spring. I love the newness and freshness of spring, but spring comes and goes. I can not live in spring all year long. As much as I love it, spring will give way to summer and then fall and winter. Believe it or not, we need each of the seasons.

We need the transition of fall when things are changing and the temperatures are dropping. We need the cold of winter to insulate the ground and prevent disease and bacteria from thriving. We need the beauty of spring to warm us up and reveal the beautiful births and blooms, and we need summer to provide the heat that we need for vegetation to grow and flourish.

We need every season.

When we are first married, it’s a lot like spring. We are learning and experiencing something new. Then summer comes and things are hot and heavy. We don’t even think about the fact that fall and winter are coming.

But they are.

It will get cold. Snow and ice may fall. It takes a great deal of effort and energy to heat things up, but it is well worth it to do so. It is the same in our marriages. There are times when it takes a lot of effort and energy to warm cold hearts, but it will be worth the effort.

Don’t hate the season you are in. Survive it. Thrive in it. Learn and grow from it. I assure you the season will change, but you need this season just as much as you need the seasons you enjoy.

Instead of praying that God ends the season, maybe we should pray that He would show us how to navigate the season. Maybe we should pray that He would give us the sensitivity we need to learn what we need to learn.

Lastly, let’s pray that we dress appropriately for the season we are in. Perhaps, this is a season that you need to “put on” meekness and quiet strength and “take off” passivity and inaction. Maybe you need to remove complaining and put on love.

I pray that you rest in the fact that whatever season you are experiencing, no matter how it feels, will soon come to an end. Do everything in your power to end this season will and enter the next one gracefully.

Remember, seasons change.

Debra CheekComment