It's All Going to be Worth It!

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

-Romans 8:18

Every marriage has ups and downs; hills and valleys. There are times when all of us question, to some extent, if we are doing this marriage thing right. Some of us have even questioned if we should have gotten married or if it is going to work out. That’s just the truth, but if you keep God first…if you let Him work in you (and your husband), you will find out that it all has been worth it.

Yesterday, I watched my 17-year old daughter get baptized, and I was filled with emotion. When the ceremony was over, she had an opportunity to say a few words. She thanked God, and she thanked me, but I was particularly moved when she said, “on this day, I specifically want to honor my father because seeing him get baptized inspired me to get baptized”. When she said that I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I immediately thought about the times that our marriage was hard, and the times that I didn’t know where we would end up. I thought about the dumb stuff I did and the dumb stuff John did. I thought about how I tried to make him be what I wanted him to be; how I tried to manipulate him into going to church and being the man that I knew he was supposed to be.

Then I thought about how God convicted me of trying to play Holy Ghost in John’s life. I thought about how hard it was for me to stop trying to fix John and let God fix me (He’s still working on me by the way). I thought about how God led John to Himself when I moved myself out of the way.

My daughter was able to see John make a public dedication of his life to Christ, and that inspired her to do the same. If I would have done all the things I wanted to do years ago or said all the things I felt like saying I wonder if she would have had this same experience.

So, my encouragement for you today is that it’s all going to be worth it. It might feel like suffering now, but there is going to be such joy that comes later. Yeah, it doesn’t feel good to discipline your mouth not to respond sharply. It doesn’t feel good to not get your way. It doesn’t feel good to have to be faithful and trust God for a long while before you see the results, but it is so worth it.

Your marriage is worth your prayers.

It is worth your sacrifice.

It is worth your time.

It is worth your investment.

It’s worth saying no to your flesh and yes to God.

It’s worth the tears.

It’s worth the hard and uncomfortable conversations.

It’s worth it all.

It’s worth it all because in a little while God is going to blow your mind! In a little while all those seeds you have sown are going to produce a great harvest.  

It’s worth it because one day you are going to see how God was working the whole time. One day you are going to see how God used every bit of the bad to work for your good. One day you are going to see how God didn’t waste one experience but used them all to teach, train, and grow you. You are going to see one day that it was all worth it!

Is there any area in your marriage that you can look back on and agree with me that it has all been worth it? Feel free to comment below to encourage another wife.

Debra Cheek1 Comment