Stop Shadow Boxing!!!

Monday's Marriage Moment

"Stop Shadow Boxing!!!"

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Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air.
- 1 Corinthians 9:26

I've made my mind up. I am no longer going to fight unnecessary battles. Nope. Done. No more. I am going to save my energy for the ones that are necessary because there are some that are necessary. It is necessary that I fight for my family, my marriage, and the promises that God has for us. It is not necessary that I fight over opinions, thoughts, or beliefs.

I am learning not to fight unnecessary battles, but I am also learning that I can't fight aimlessly either. I have to fight strategically. In the words of Paul, I can't find as one "who beats the air". The amplified version says "just shadow boxing". In shadow boxing you are throwing punches at no one in particular. You haven't taken aim. You are simply exerting energy.

Anytime that you aim at a person -- your spouse, your coworker, your spiritual brothers or sisters -- you are shadow boxing. You aren't in the ring against your real opponent. You are using them as target practice. The real opponent, Satan, is watching you waste the energy that should be used to defeat him. He is watching us wear ourselves out fighting the wrong person -- shadow boxing.

Stop it. Stop it now. Don't throw another punch. Don't launch another verbal attack. Don't shoot another missile unless you are aiming at the right target. Fight with precision. Fight strategically. If the issue is mistrust deal with the mistrust. If the issue is anger deal with the anger. Use the weapons of your warfare to take the fight where it belongs and make sure that you are aiming at the right target!

Stop shadow boxing!

Timiel Dewberry